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Cash Flow Management – FindlayCPA

  It is mandatory that businesses (and individuals alike) have a money supply large enough to meet their obligations as these come due, to provide a cushion for emergencies and planned or unexpected growth opportunities. While the generation of profits is a key performance indicator for business of all sizes, the expression “cash is King” […]

10 Best Practices for Accounts Payable

Healthy working capital flow is of paramount importance to all businesses. This is especially true for small to medium sized businesses. Accounts payable, when properly managed, can be an effective strategy to free up and protect working capital. Here are ten best practices for accounts payable management: Develop a written accounts payable policy and procedures […]

Gift Cards: What Retailers Should Know

Gift cards – gift or grief for the retailer? The answer depends on how much you know about gift cards. Gift card provide retailers with an opportunities to improve cash flows, increase sales and manage inventory. But more importantly, unredeemed gift cards have the potential to allow retailers to greatly improve their bottom line. Even […]

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