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“As a business-owner you’re faced with balancing competing internal interests within your company, along with those of your external partners and vendors. At Findlay CPA, we provide objective guidance and services that are squarely focused on your agenda. Let us know the destination you would like to reach, and our guidance is tailored to helping you create and maintain a course to get you there.”
“- Debra ‘Cas’ Findlay, Principal
Findlay CPA, experts in accounting & bookkeeping, payroll & cash management, tax preparation


Debra 'Cas' Findlay CPA, CGMA

A financial leader, Debra ‘Cas’ Findlay, is certified in public accounting in both the US and UK. With her knowledge and experience, she specializes in optimizing the performance of revenue-generating operations and fiscal controls within business entities. Her work experience includes both in-house positions and outsourced accounting in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. Debra works closely with business owners to create policies, controls, and programs aimed to satisfy regulatory compliance while meeting a business’s profit and efficiency goals. See an example of ‘Cas’ impact on a small business.

Jay Scott

Jay enjoys working with standardized processes. As such, he is a perfect fit for the position of payroll coordinator. Jay attended Pasadena Community College, in California, and graduated with an Associates Degree in building construction. He is dedicated to customer service and accuracy. Jay enjoys watching professional sporting events, especially basketball. He is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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