Nurturing Business Growth

Findlay CPA understands the daily challenges small business owners face. We know your goals go far beyond the balance sheet, and we are ready to help you and your family reap the rewards from your bold risk-taking. We are experts in accounting & bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, cash management, and more. Learn how we can help you and your business.

How We Impact Your Business

'Big Picture' Engagement

While we're experts in accounting & bookkeeping, business management and tax preparation, our immeasurable value comes from the impact we have on your life as a business owner. We evaluate and advise on realistic strategies that, when executed, can help your business to successfully support the vision you've set for yourself, your family, your employees and their families.

Financial Clarity & Insight

Understanding financial statements gives small business owners the critical insight needed for business management. At Findlay CPA, we educate our clients to better understand the meaning behind their numbers. Our coaching in Cash Management prepares you to optimally leverage cash and outside financing, whenever it's appropriate for your business.

Processes & Controls

The team at Findlay CPA are experts in designing processes and controls that can be leveraged for seamless growth. Benefit from improved organizational efficiencies by giving your team a clear understanding of how things work together and why. Streamline your management's efforts, minimize time lost, and safeguard your organization's tangible and intellectual assets.

Less Administrative Burden

We stand ready to reduce the administrative burden related to payroll, cash management, and governmental filing requirements. Simplify your invoicing and improve cash flow with effective accounts receivables & payables best practices. Let us manage payroll processing & reporting, sales tax reporting & payment – and more.

What We Do

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & bookkeeping services include establishing accounting policies, workflow procedures, general ledger maintenance, account reconciliations, and producing financial statements.

Payroll & Cash Management

By releasing your business management activities, you will have more time to focus on what you do best, providing products or services to your valued customers. Our business management services include ...

Business Tax Preparation & Resolution

Our tax preparation services will take the burden and responsibility off of you to get it right. We provide accurate and timely tax form completion, filing, and resolution ...

Tax Planning

Come tax time, you can owe less with the right strategies and proper planning. We provide the planning and counseling necessary to avoid tax compliance pitfalls and to minimize tax costs.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Your company's financial reports show more than the numbers printed on their pages; to a trained eye, they also reveal your company's overall financial picture.

Audit Quality Control

We establish high standards of fiscal processes within each of our client's companies to ensure objectivity, integrity, and independence.

How Our Clients Feel

Findlay CPA: experts in accounting & bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, cash management

Let's Have A Conversation Today

Our passion at Findlay CPA is helping small business owners build & maintain successful businesses. We know that :success” may look differently for each client, and we want to ensure that you achieve your definition of “success”.

Let’s have a conversation today to see if Findlay CPA would be a great fit for helping you reach your goals.

Findlay CPA, experts in accounting & bookkeeping, payroll & cash management, tax preparation

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