Managing Mobile Employees On The Go

There’s Never Been More Mobile Employees Millions of small businesses rely on mobile employees. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of mobile workers in the U.S. will reach 93.5 million by 2024 and will account for 60% of the total workforce. It’s no wonder mobile access to online information has become a […]

Proper Classification of Worker

Generally, business growth is accompanied by a higher head count, which in turn is accompanied by growing tax and employee benefit challenges. Many business owners may be tempted to minimize the impact of these challenges by classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees. However, it is critical that business owners correctly determine the individuals […]

The Advantages of Accountable Plans

Employees often incur business expenses such as travel, business use of their homes, telephone, meals and auto expenses, in the course of their job. Some or all of these expenses may be reimbursed by their employers. There are strict tax rules concerning what qualifies as a legitimate reimbursement and what is considered additional compensation. Under […]